Things to know & do before you begin


The IL2FB Dedicated Server software is intended to be used on a standalone PC or Server.

The current ver1.22 DS will work on most networking setups, but you must know your network, or atleast have some understanding.

Ports to open for IL2FB; The standard port is 21000 udp

Note: You can change this, if for example you want to have multible il2servers running on one host. 

Note: On some networks, like unix/linux controlled systems and high end routers which are more configurable you may need to port forward ICMP to the hosting server. Most home based routers and operating systems have this enabled by default. 

Depending on your network or how you are hosting, you may need to know how to set Pinholes in firewalls and port forward in routers. Please read up on how to do this with the manuals you have for your network.

Note: Firewall setting and Portforwarding must be done correctly for the il2server to work.

You need to know the IP address of the host/server and any clients who will be admins ingame.

Use the command "ipconfig" at a cmd prompt to find these out.

Note: I recommend using a manually set IP address for the host PC/Server. On higher end networks the network administrator can set an IP of a PC/Server "router side" and leave the host/server on DHCP.

The reason is that if the IP address changes( Dynamic IP addresses)on the Host/server you will have to alter the IP in the IL2FB server configs each time the server PC is rebooted.

Note : The Dedicated Server  finds 1 ip address automatically. This step is only required if you have multible connection sources, like 2 or more network cards, internet and network or all of the previous. In this case you need to create Server addresses for each of those devices/connections called a socket. You can do this several ways. Manually each time the server starts or automatically when the server starts. You can do it another way with a com file aswell covered in the com files section.

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