Step by step guide to start/run the IL2FB Dedicated Server


Step 1.

01.  Navigate to the Dedicated Server directory

02.  Find the file confs and open it.

03.  Edit: speed=8000   See bandwidth section to see what this is for you.

04.  Edit: serverChannels=32   Set value for the number of clients your bandwidth allows.

05.  Edit: localport=21000   This is the standard 21000 udp

06.  Edit: skindownload=0     0=off/1=on , Unless you want to lag everyone to hell use 0 only. 

07.  Edit: difficulty=  The number you see here is a default difficulty number, go to the com files section to see how to set these.

08.  Edit: servername=   This is your servers name, it will be the one people will see through all seeing eye etc 

09.  Edit: serverdescription=  This infomation seen on services like all seeing eye.

10.  Edit: checkserverTimespeed=1    The following 10~13 Anti cheat stuff, speedhack 

11.  Edit: checkclientTimespeed=1 

12.  Add: checkTimeSpeedDifferense=0.15

13.  Add: checkTimeSpeedInterval=8

14.  Edit: sockshost= Havent a clue, but someone must be able to shed some light on this one

15.  Find the section with [console] above it.  The top 2 lines under [console] need to be edited.

16.  Remove the " ;" from the beggining of both lines.

17.  Edit:  ip=21003 

Note:This is really a port, the default for this is 2000. This port is for the il2console and conflicts with the FBDaemon so use something else. eg 21003

18.  Edit: where the is the ip address of the host/server pc.

19.  save (dont saveas)


Step 2. 

01. Find the" server" file and edit it.

02. Note: The CAPS and SPACES are required so edit the server file exactly as follows.

file difficulty1

mission LOAD Net/dogfight/   1/test1.mis BEGIN

f gc.cmd

file localip

03. save (dont saveas)

Step 3.

Now the IL2FB server is just about prepared for starting.

You still need to do 3 things though.

01. Create a difficulty1 file

02. Create a localip file

Create these files here

03. Create a mission called test1.mis 

Create the mission here

Once you have done these 3 things return here and continue.

Now lets start the server to see if it goes!

Find the file "il2server" in the Dedicated Server directory


You should see a cmd prompt start up and load the test1 map.

You now have the dedicated server running.

Now some checks.
When it's finished loading, type the following in the cmd console and enter;

socket udp 

This should bring up the ip of the server and the bandwidth speed and any additional ip addresses you have added. 

The main IP should match the ip you have set in the confs file.

If you see an ip of, this is a loop back ip when there isnt an ip to be found, like no network card, or no internet connection.

Ok if you see the correct ip, have a client(player)try to connect to the server using one of the ip addresses. Which one the client uses depends on where they are connecting from. Internet= internet ip, Lan=host/server ip. 

All going well the client will connect and join the mission playing.

If they cannot connect, did you remember to set piholes in the firewall or enable port forwarding to the host.

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