Step by step guide to start/run the FBDaemon2


If you have reached this far and you have the il2server running ok, the next step shouldn't give you any grief. 

Note: Most problems of servers and daemons not seeing each other is caused by incorrect syntax and wrong ip addresses.

Ok lets get it running

01. Navigate to the FBDaemon2 directory

02. Find the file fbdaemon2.cfg and open with notepad(remember to untick the always open with tickbox)

Note:You will notice that the paths in this file have "/" instead of "\".  All paths need to have "/", this is not an error. They also must include trailing '/' at the end of the path.

03. Edit the path to the daemon to match your path you have. Make sure you remove the # from the start of the

daemon path=C:/00dsserver/FBD2-Beta/

04. Edit the path to the Dedicated Server eg


05. Edit the ip address. This is the same address that you have set in your confs file. Where is the confs set ip and followed by the port.

06. Save

This is the mininum required to start the FBDaemon  

Now start the il2server then the FBDaemon2


The il2server should start a cmd prompt and load up the map.

The FBDaemon2 should start a cmd prompt and be waiting for properties file. Once the map is loaded in the server the daemon should find the properties and set the values. 


The following is a detailed brief for the FBDaemon

Release Notes FBD2 ver 2.0 Beta

Mostly tested with dedicated server. Use of dedicated server (or English version) is highly recommended at this time. Support for mission properties ending in _ru, _de, and _fr have not been added to the code. Support for them will be added shortly.

When running FBD2, please use a command line to launch the application. If it crashes, copy/paste the error to the FBD forum so the problem can be fixed.

Many features are still being added. If you have feature requests, feedback, or suggestions, please share them in the FBD forum.


About FBD2 is a complete rebuild of FB Daemon. The architecture of the program has changed completely, the code has been re-written and optimized, and many potential 'leaks' have been removed. The response times have also been improved. In addition, many new features have been added. A few examples are detailed sortie tracking (stats), better tracking of the mission [ex: pilots that bail while in flight lose an aircraft if they refly before their aircraft crashes], mission loading protection, and MANY others.

Note: Many old features are still being added to FBD2, including aircraft definitions in mission paramaters, more admin commands, and other features. The coding for missions is unchanged. All missions built for the previous version of FBD will still work.

Note: Many configuration options have changed!

Optional Install Files Note: Examples included in download.

mapcycle.txt Cycles through maps (ignores fbd mission paramaters for next mission load). Place one mission per line. File must be placed in working fbd mission directory. Note: If you have the same mission in the mapcycle more than once, you will need to give each occurance a slightly different name (ex: mission.mis mission2.mis etc). We are working on a better solution, and hope to have one soon... admins.txt Define any admins (admin commands below). File must be placed in main FBD2 directory. locked.txt Define any locked users (immune to many configs, like pingkick and scorekick). File must be placed in main FBD2 directory. playerlist.txt If playerlist is set to 1 in the config file, FBD2 will use this list for players allowed on server. File must be placed in main FBD2 directory.

Commands Note: Many commands still being added. This is the current active command list.

User Commands 

<echo Used to test FBD2 connectivity.

<gunstat Displays pilot's gun statistics.

<pingkick Displays pingkick settings.

<scorekick Displays scorekick settings.

<status Displays current plane/pilot mission count.

<targets<color Displays team's current objective status (color = blue or red).

<timeleft Shows time remaining in minutes, if TimeLimit is set in mission.


Admin Commands All admin commands written to adminlog.txt if feature enabled in config file.

<ban<pilot<reason Ban pilot from server.

<die Shuts down FBD2 (carefull, this may kill the server too!).

<kick<pilot<reason Kicks pilot from server.

<login<password Login as admin if password is set in fbdaemon2.cfg file. * 

<map<mission_name Changes map to the designated mission. Mission must be in working fbd mission directory.

<pingkick<ping:times or delete Sets or removes pingkick.

<playerlist<add<team:pilot Adds pilot to playerlist.txt. 'None' team will allow player to fly for any team.

<playerlist<delete<pilot Removes pilot from playerlist in FBD2 active memory. **

<restart Restarts current mission.

<scorekick<-score or delete Sets or removes scorekick.

<unban<pilot Removes pilot from ban list in FBD2 active memory. **

<<<command Send console command to server. Can be used for anything. example: <<<tod 12.00

* Recommend using admins.txt to handle admin authentication. However, in some cases (dynamic ip's) it may be appropriate to use password. ** Does not permanently remove pilot from list. You will have to manually remove the pilot from the list to permanently remove.

If you make a mistake in the FBD mission parameters for Blue= or Red=, FBD2 will send an alert to the game announcing 'Bad Code in FBD Mission', and the Blue win mission will load (unless a mapcycle is present). FBD2 will add the mission with bad FBD parameters to a file called 'MissionError.txt', so admins can identify these errors. This is a safety feature in FBD2, which keeps servers running.


Credits Written by Sammie and Lunix Original FBD Code written by BadBernie and Sammie

Thanks to the Beta Test Team: AdiGalland BaLrOg Coastie

Special thanks to BadBernie!

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