Mission(mis) file and the properties file(properties)


The Dedicated Server only recognizes dogfight style maps, with no moving AI 

The mission or .mis file is located in the mission/net/dogfight directory. It has all the details of what map is to be loaded, time, bases, vehicles etc. It is created using the mission builder in the game IL2FB. The game version must match the server and clients. 

The properties file is the file that contains the briefing for when clients enter the game. It also is used by the FBDaemon for setting the targets and plane/pilot counts. The section on indepth properties has all the details but for now continue with this page. 

We need to create a mission to run the server for the first time with the FBDaemon. I'm presuming at this point you have created some missions already for coops and dogfight mode. 

Firstly some maintenance, we need to clear a spot for you missions to be placed in the Dedicated Server. Locate the Dedicated Server and the directory mission/net/dogfight/   1/    Here you will find a bunch of default missions, they are ok, but we want a mission to suit the FBDaemon. Create a directory one level up called olddefault then cut and paste these missions and properties files from the directory  /   1/ to the olddefault. Done. WARNING, donnot remove the spaces inbetween /   1/. You have been warned.

Creating a simple mission in the mission builder of IL2FB, Select a map with online contained in it. These are smaller and have less resource loading for clients.

Set up 2 bases, where one is Red and one is Blue.

Place some stationary objects, train stock car1 around the bases(2 each will do), make sure the trains are blue around the blue base and red around the red base.

Place a couple(2) artillery being the 20mm flak for blue and 25mm flak for red around the bases as well. These are aaa targets. 

Save the mission as test1.mis

Locate the mission test1.mis and the properties file

Copy and paste the test1.mis and the files into the Dedicated Server Directory that you cleared out before .mission/net/dogfight/   1/  

Now go to the indepth properties to create the briefing and FBDaemon infomation.

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