In depth details on properties


As i mentioned previously the properties file is for the briefing in the map screens and the FBDaemon makes use of this file to collect the settings for the map aswell.

Most players struggle to read too much infomation layed out in a briefing , they want to get going as quickly as possible so try not give a 3 page outline of a scene. Be brief!, Precise and be clear about any targets. Since we can't have photo recon in a brief, grid and alt references are good enough. A guide for a good size briefing is if it scrolls over more than one page you have to much.

Saying that, you can have 3 areas to place briefings. One global briefing, which can be divided into two parts where one part disappears when a player joins Red or Blue and one part stays with the players before and after they choose a Red or Blue base. You also having Red and Blue Briefing areas which the other side can't see.

Use the global area for server rules, map name, and war outline. Then the Team briefing for target details.

How do we make this briefing and FBD data known as a properties file?    

When you create a map and save it, this always creates a properties file aswell and is in the same directory location you save the .mis file.

You can start a briefing in the map builder under the discription section, but since we add alot of data for the FBD i created a setup properties file which i copy and paste into the newly created properties file, eg

Note: In the Discription in the mission builder(Edit, Desciption) you can add infomation to 2 other areas. One is the "Short"  and the other is the map "mission name". I dont use these as i have had trouble with these before. As a test go back to the mission builder and add data to these 2 areas and save the mission again. Locate the save mission properties file and open it. You will notice your data you have added, but also the word "short" and the word "name" with a space after them. I found these have caused me problems before with loading maps as the "name" replaces the saved name when looking at the file. It works for COOP style and campain style maps, but i avoid using these and always start the properties with Discription.     

The proceedure I follow is, 1. Create a map layout, saveas, exit, the properties file of the map made, copy, paste the setup properties, save exit. 3. reopen the map in mission editor and then edit the properties as required. Once you have done this a few times it's quite painless, infact it's saves time and cuts down syntax errors by copying a  proven setup in place. 

Lets create a setup properties file.

Make a copy of any properties and rename it setupproperties

Open it with notepad and clear the contents if any and save. Again dont saveas.

Copy the following and paste into the setupproperties then save.

Description  \n\n\nGlobal briefing which stays after team selected\n\n\n<ARMY NONE>\n\n\nGlobal briefing that is lost once team selected\n\n\n</ARMY>\n<ARMY RED>\n\n\nRed briefing area which red players only see\n\n\n</ARMY>\n<ARMY BLUE>\n\n\nBlue briefing area which blue players only see\n\n\n</ARMY>\n<ARMY FBD>\nTeam=planes:pilots:wagons:aaa:tanks:artilery:cars:ships:numobj=mission.mis\n Blue=30:30:2:2:0:0:0:0:2=test1.mis\nRed=30:30:2:2:0:0:0:0:2=test1.mis\nTimeLimit=60:None:test1.mis\nEscapeProc=35\ncom=file dotmedium\ncom=chat Dedicated Server and FBDaemon\ncom=chat Test map\n</ARMY FBD>\n


Now whilst you are at it save the same into your, then reopen the mission builder and go to the discription. One of the first things you will notice is that the \n arent seen here. These act for 2 purposes in the properties file. 1 as a new line and 2 as a "enter" command for syntax. They need to be there for any commands to work, like entering to run a command. Where you see more than one in a row like \n\n\n\n, these are for spacing. This is important as there is a link between all briefing areas and all must be the same amount of lines in spacing. If they are not you will lose parts of your briefing where the shortest brief will cut the others off. To fix just add \n into the shorter of the briefings and make them equal in lines.

Once you have added the setup details to your copy and paste this file and over write the one in the Dedicated Server mission folders you made earlier.

Now you have a mission and properties you can now return to the running a server page and start the Dedicated Server and then proceed with getting the FBDaemon running


The following is a detailed brief of the FBDaemon data and what each command means.

In depth Mission parameters for the FBDaemon

Note: New mission parameters are still being added. Some old features have been removed.

Important! All mission parameters must end with \n

<ARMY FBD>\n ... </ARMY FBD>\n
[optional] Will hide FBD2 mission parameters from viewing in the brief.

[required] Define mission objectives. The definitions are possesive, meaning these are objects that the team must protect. 'numobj' is what the opposing team must complete for victory (see example below). The 'mission.mis' will be the next mission if 'Team' wins (not the opposition).

[optional] Sets time limit on mission in minutes. The 'winner' can be Blue, Red, or None (None means no winner for time limit expiration). 'mission.mis' will load if time limit is reached, unless a mapcycle is present.

[optional] Sets the chances of escape if pilot bails behind enemy lines. This will override the setting in the fbdaemon2.cfg.

Note: This code should be one continuos line in the mission's .properties file. It is broken up on seperate lines for easier reading.


In this example, Blue has 50 planes, 45 pilots, 5 ground targets (wagons), and 5 tanks. Red must destroy 50 planes, or 45 pilots, or 5 ground targets AND 5 tanks (since numobj is 2), for victory. If Blue wins, blue-win.mis will load.

Red has 75 planes, 85 pilots, 10 cars, and 3 ships. Blue must destroy 75 planes, or 85 pilots, or 10 cars OR 3 ships (since numobj is 1), for victory. If Red wins, red-win.mis will load.

The time limit on the mission is 75 minutes, and if that time limit is reached there is no winner. Unless a mapcycle.txt is present, tie.mis will load.

The chances of escaping capture, if bailing behind enemy lines, is 35%.

Notes: You do not have to define any targets other than planes and pilots. If no other targets are defined, the victory condition will be destroying all planes OR pilots.

If you make a mistake in the FBD mission parameters for Blue= or Red=, FBD2 will send an alert to the game announcing 'Bad Code in FBD Mission', and the Blue win mission will load (unless a mapcycle is present). FBD2 will add the mission with bad FBD parameters to a file called 'MissionError.txt', so admins can identify these errors. This is a safety feature in FBD2, which keeps servers running.

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