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Bush Flying ?? :: Archived
Welcome to the new Bush Flying Group. Come fly with the Com-Central Group as they fly in remote areas from around the world. Flight plans and requirements are posted inside the forum complete with all the links for the files. Time to get that cargo to those remote places!
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Do we need to omit having scenery created ?
 66%  [ 2 ]
 33%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 3

Author Message

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Joined: Nov 12, 2004
Posts: 849

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 7:16 am
Post subject: Bush Flying ??

Ok All we're going to be running a poll over the next few weeks to try to get the Bush Flying pilots more involved and this is to find out what we need to change to make it more interesting.

Poll 2 :: Should we have all missions flown online instead of offline?

Yes.....................................50%.............[ 3 ]
No........................................0%.............[ 0 ]
Both Online and Offline.........50%.............[ 3 ]
Total Votes : 6

Poll 3 :: Do you want to see ComCentral still run the Bush FLying?

YES..................100%.........[ 7 ]
NO...................... 0%.........[ 0 ]
Total Votes : 7

Last edited by RCAF_MadDog on Fri Oct 28, 2005 9:17 am; edited 2 times in total
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Joined: Jan 04, 2005
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Location: Group W bench
PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 8:34 am
Post subject: Re: Bush Flying ??

The scenery was great but added additional workload for you who were setting it up. I loved the bush flying flights I did, but at the time so did everyone else and if you didn't act fast, very quickly all the stuff was hauled, or someone took all or most of it in one or two flights. Not complaining about it, but it gave less reason to participate.

Maybe an idea of letting people haul what they can in terms of just load weight, let them post pics of their loadout and the flight departing and arriving? Then they can get credit for pounds-per-mile flown and kept on some kind of scoreboard to make it interesting?

"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."
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Joined: Nov 12, 2004
Posts: 849

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 10:01 am
Post subject: Re: Bush Flying ??

Thanks Stoopy thats what we are doing is looking for ideas to make it better and I do like that one. We will be revamping the entire process more than likely.

I dont mind the workload and some scenery objects might still be created for special circumstances.

Keep the ideas and votes coming in pilots.

Bush Flying Coordinator
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Joined: Jan 28, 2005
Posts: 775
Location: Omaha, Ne.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 4:13 pm
Post subject: Re: Bush Flying ??

I realize a lot of the flights listed, I did them. I usually waited until the last couple days of the week and did them with larger planes. A couple of the loads, particularly the Land Rovers needed vertical take off and landing, heavy lift aircraft, and were only able to be done by special aircraft such as what I used, the T-bird 2. One was coming from an aircraft carrier, and the other went to a hill top. A Rover going to or coming from a field with a runway is fine, but not where no field is located and only aircraft is able to handle it is what I used. There isn't many helo's that will even take off with that much weight. I ought to know, I tried every one that I have in my inventory.
All the flights that I did, were on the server, and I welcomed anyone that was willing to join me on them. It would have taken less time and I would have enjoyed the company. There were only 2 of the flights where I wasn't alone. On one we found one of the destinations completely by coincedence. We landed beside it on an airfield in heavy cloud cover, in the dark. We only had a quarter mile visibility and could almost see the the field lights. As it was I had to shoot the landing at least 4 times before I could see enough of the runway to land. A couple of the flights I did, more people would have been better. I had to deal with lousy visibility and weather, and it took a lot of flying just to find the destinations. Those were the cargo ship and church in Cuba, and that bus in Mexico. I just couldn't find them, because of heavy cloud cover, and when you are alone, it's tough. With some assistance I found the church and ship, but still haven't a clue where that bus is. The lower you fly, the less you see. I also know there were at least 3 instances that the scenery wasn't there. That wasn't Maddogs fault. He tried, but for some reason they wouldn't show up. One was a boat and the other two were planes. I found where they were supposed to be, but they weren't visible. Stuff happens.

When I get my computer back, I am still interested in the Bush Flying. I loved it. It gave me an excuse to fly when I came home from work. Otherwise I sit here and watch the television. I'd rather fly in most cases. Com-Central flying is my favorite place to be. I have tried to fly with the Transload Virtual Airlines, but for some reason their server is so tough to get in as I keep getting Router conflicts with other members there, that is isn't enjoyable for me, and I usually have to fly alone when they are flying in a group.

"May your Enemys Run With Fear!!"
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Joined: Nov 12, 2004
Posts: 849

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 5:10 pm
Post subject: Re: Bush Flying ??

NP Wingnut thats what we are doing with this thread. We are seeing if we can get ideas on how to make it better for everyone and draw more pilots in any and all ideas are welcome.

This whole concept will only be as good as the ideas we get. Thats why there will be one new question in a poll each week until we feel we have enough info to build the Bush Flyin to meet everyones needs and desires.
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Joined: Nov 12, 2004
Posts: 849

PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 5:18 pm
Post subject: Re: Bush Flying ??

No more ideas or votes ? If no one else replies or votes by tommorrow at 6pm I will stick up a different poll.

Dont be afraid to speak up there is no idea that stinks. We woould like to hear what way you think this needs to head.

And thanks to those that have spoke up.
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