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The Joystick
Combat Flight Simulators

The Joystick is the most important part besides having a fast computer. I personally use a force feedback Joystick. It has everything that you need to play your simulator.

1. RUDDER Control
2. Programmable Buttons
3.Hat switch (a button that allows you to look in all directions)
4.It has to have the force feed back

Why are they important?

The reasons for the Rudder is to allow you to aim sideways  instead of maneuvering into position to get a shot.

The reasons for programmable buttons is to be able to use the games options to its full potential without slowing your game looking for the button.

3. The reason for the hat switch is its perfect to use to keep your eyes on your target your chasing, When your flying and your chasing someone and they just pop out of your view on the gun sight screen, just hit the hat switch up and he's back in view and you can see his every move as he does it not when the green arrow tells you.

4. The force feedback option is a must, It send a pulse to the stick that makes it firmer , and this makes it easier to keep steady for head to heads and far away shot, plus the reaction times with the pulse is quicker than without the pulse, which gives you an advantage in turning fights over someone who didn't want to spend the extra money to get a force feed back stick.


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