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Trim, what is it and what does it do for you?

Trim is a game setting used to "adjust" your wind shear on your wings or surface of your plane. It is used to create a level flight on your plane, is easily set and will give you a BIG advantage over someone who doesn't use it. So what does it do for you?

  • 1.Will allow you to fly straighter.
  • 2.Will allow you to adjust your rounds on target with better accuracy. 
  • 3. Will help you turn faster and sharper than someone who isn't.
  • 4. Will allow you to stay up longer when damaged.
  • 5. Help your looping skills.
  • 6. Pull out of steeper dives.

What are the downsides of trim?

It has a learning curve of about 1 month, and it's like learning to fly all over again.

There are Two types of Trim...

1. Elevator- nose up and down.

2. Ailerons-wings side to side.

How to set-up Elevator Trim.

Elevator Trim makes the nose of the plane move up and down and by default has a keyboard assignment. You should set up two buttons on the joystick for trim.


Trim should be mapped to buttons on the joystick, here is how to change the button assignments if needed . (typical in most Combat Flight Sims)

1.Start the game




5.Scroll down to where it says on the left "elevator trim up"

6.In the white space under DEVICE and along the same line as "elevator trim up", Left click-will turn blue.

7.Click the ASSIGN button

8.Then on keyboard, press the new  button you want as your trim up key ( say ok if needed).

9.There will be a BOX under the heading REPEAT for this. Click it so it has a check in it.

10.Repeat this process for "Elevator trim down" and assign the new button you want for trim down (be sure to check auto repeat)

11.Click OK to exit.


Now that you have the Elevator trim assigned, What does it do?


1.Go into a game and start flying...

2. Hit your num lock key (light should be out) and...

3. Keep the plane level and...

4. Press the trim up key (nose will raise slightly). 

5. Now press trim down the same amount of times to get it back to level. 

6. So now you know and have an idea of how it works.


How to use trim in a game...

  1.  When the game starts I'll put my trim "up"  two taps to get my stick through the null zone.
  2.  When turning I will apply trim till my plane starts to "rock" front to back, then back it off till it smoothes out but still has a slight rock to it.
  3.  In a loop I will use it like flaps at the top of a loop to help "get over the top" faster.
  4. Coming back down into a fur ball I'll gain a lot of speed and dive under my target and loop under him and press the trim up key till I get to the top of the loop and then I take it off coming back down the loop. This will be the fastest loop you've  ever done. Try it and see for yourself.



Important "keys" to trimming....

  1.  Speed is the key, the faster you go the more trim that can be used and the faster you will turn.
  2.  To much trim will bleed your speed, learn when too much is too much. 
  3.  Trim usage is necessary, and you will need to trim according to your planes speed.
  4.  Don't be afraid to use to much trim! You can always trim back.
  5.  If you get lost or confused, just end the game and reselect the plane again, this will reset the trim to the default setting.
  6. You wont have to adjust your trim from game to game, if you don't select a new plane or change your ammo and fuel settings, it will carry from game to game.


  Aileron Trimm

Aileron trim is used to adjust the side to side motion of your plane.

The Aileron trim is set-up in the same way as the Elevator trim. In game settings, assign a button(s) you can use in a game without causing to much trouble to press.

 This can be used to help roll faster and to help straighten up after your damaged and you plane is leaning in one direction.

 Press it to get it to fly level longer when needed.

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