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BombSight Tips for IL2/PF

Com Central Bomb Site Tutorial


Open the Controls section and map these controls


  • Level Stabilizer

  • Bomb-sight Auto engage

  • Bomb-sight Velocity Increase

  • Bomb-sight Velocity Decrease

  • Bomb-sight Elevation Increase

  • Bomb-sight Elevation Decrease

  • Bomb-sight Altitude Increase

  • Bomb-sight Altitude Decrease

  • Bomb-sight Left                                          (Advanced Only)                                                  

  • Bomb-sight Right                                       (Advanced Only)

  • Toggle Gunsight

  • Rudder Trim Left

  • Rudder Trim Neutral

  • Rudder Trim Right

  • Elevator Trim Positive

  • Elevator Trim Negative

  • Pilot / Gunner Position

  • Select Engine #1                                         (Optional but may be required)

  • Select Engine #2                                         (Optional but may be required)

  • Select Engines All                                       (Optional but may be required)


  • Mixture Increase                                          (Optional)

  • Mixture Decrease                                        (Optional)

  • Supercharger Next Stage                         (Optional)

  • Supercharger Prev Stage                         (Optional)

  • Feather Prop                                                (Optional)     

  • Fire Extinguisher                                        (Optional)



Below is an example “Bomber” mapping using the number pad keys...


  1. Check the brief; make sure you know what your target is

  2. Select the most suitable loadout and fuel load

  3. Enter the game and check the difficulty settings

  4. Is minimap path enabled?...... Full cockpit only?

  5. Check out the route, is the distance from last waypoint to target long enough?

  6. You will need at least 3 min flying time actually on the “Bomb run”

  7. What is the altitude ASL (above sea level) of your target?

  8. Decide your Bombing altitude and speed

  9. Calculate your proposed height above target AGL (above ground level)

  10. Formula is (aircraft alt - target alt)


Before Take off (maybe mid-flight if it’s a long trip) pre-set bomb-sight alt and velocity.


Cruising at + 500 meters above your intended release altitude,

  • Make a gentle turn onto the bomb run. (To keep the bomb-sight gyro’s stable)

  • Check  your heading to target on the map (if available)


Engage Level Stab,

  • you will probably have to apply full upward elevator

  • trim to minimize the slow descent,

  • check indicated air-speed is constant

  • re-check target alignment


Switch to nose gunner / bombardier position

  • Toggle bomb-sight on


Wind drift and yaw

  •  With the bomb-sight still in the vertical position,

  •  check wind drift and A/C yaw

  •  To check yaw / drift, eyeball any object as it passes under the bomb-sight

  •   Its path should be parallel to the fore / aft crosshair of the sight.


If it is not then you must adjust the sight left or right so that the amount of right deviation as a marker enters the view-finder equals the amount of left deviation as it leaves the viewfinder, passing right through the centre of the cross-hairs (difficult to explain).



 Make any left / right adjustments to the bomb-sight

  •  Do not use rudder trim for correcting yaw / drift at this stage.

  •  Re-check target alignment

  •  Re-check indicated air-speed

  •  Re-check altitude


  • Elevate the bomb-sight to approx 82 degrees

  • Re-check altitude and airspeed

  • When you sight your intended target, wait until it is level with the horizontal cross-hair bar

  • Engage the bomb-sight automation

Now you must use the left / right rudder trim keys to line up your track on target

I always take it a little past the target on trim, then hit the neutral trim key and let it swing back

Again re-check your altitude and airspeed then adjust your bomb-sight settings

If it looks like you are lining up past the target slow down the velocity of your bombsite and the crosshairs will move down the target, and then increase the sight velocity to hold at centre.

Conversely speed the sight up if you lining up before the target then slow to hold on centre.

 Just continually keep checking and adjusting...  

  • Alignment

  • Altitude

  • Velocity

    The bombs will release automatically and hopefully drop straight in the pickle barrel.

     Good luck, Its not an exact science……..Yet

     401RCAF_Sly                                                                                                                                              2004


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