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Spartan Review

Spartan 7W Executive

by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas and Urs Burkhardt

They did it, so go get it.

End of the review.

No, sorry, I'm joking, I know I'm supposed to provide a reasonable number of words for this to be worth of being called a review, but instinct told me that the names of the designers were guarantee enough to suggest an immediate download, and nothing else needed to be added.

Beyond puns, I believe there's no flight-simmer in the whole community, who's not aware of the talent of these people. Starting back in 2002, when their Dash-7 made a ground-breaking appearance in the flight-sim world, and since then through the years, with the Aero-Commander series, the Howard 500 and lately the Beechcraft D18S, every single release has been rewarded with one or more prizes, and has been widely acclaimed as a major event in the free-ware add-ons panorama: yes, because we're talking about planes that cost thousands of hours of work to their creators, and not a single cent to us users.

Is something going to change now with this new Spartan? Not in respect of what has been spoken of so far; maybe the first thing that will attract your attention is the fact that, for the first time, Milton Shupe and friends put their efforts in a single engine plane, with a bulky radial Pratt & Whitney whose roaring reminds of past and heroic times.

The Spartan 7W Executive was produced by the Spartan Aviation Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A product of the late '30s, it was a low winged tail dragger, with a technologically advanced mono-coupe fuselage, a streamlined design, a powerful and sturdy engine which gave it outstanding performances, and luxury interiors: in two words, a winning project. Later during World War II it was also lend-leased to the RAF.

Spartan Logo

Amongst the most remarkable performances, particular mention deserve a cruise speed of more than 200 mph, a maximum altitude of 24,000 feet, and a range of more than one thousand miles: all elements that contributed to make of the Executive an aviation legend.

Now we have the opportunity to taste the same feelings of power and comfort that this kite gave to its rich owners. The package includes both a VC (virtual cockpit) and a no VC version, but. the self installing exe will let you see only the VC one; a separate aircraft.cfg is provided case you want to get the no-VC version available.

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