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How to UpLoad Video Files to Com-Central

How to Upload Video Files to Com-Central!

Com-Central Videos FAQ

What kind of video should I make?

Ideally the video would be an instructional video, a kind of 'How to do this' with pictures.
It doesn't have to be professional just capable of conveying your message across.
A video can be as simple as page flicks with annotation describing the series of events to a full blown movie clip using a web cam and microphone for sound.
Suggestions for video content, painting FS9/FS10 aircraft or making scenery, installing a particularly difficult patch or specialist patch in to a game, possibly where to look on different types of AFV vehicles for ID numbers etc.

If you feel the content of your video would be of benefit to Com-Central members then upload it.
If your uncertain about your video or how to do it, we are always here to help, send us a personal message, if we can help we will.

What do I need to make a video?

If your using a PC then your probably already set up to make a video. Windows Movie Maker is an ideal introduction to movie making.
You could simply record a series of screen captures with text overlays to explain your process. If you think speech would be better then you will need a microphone.
If you feel you have the ability, then with a web cam and microphone a professional video can be made.
Most of the videos you see on YouTube showing 'in-game' type action are recorded using Fraps, but don't discount other apps such as CamStudio, excellent for capturing windowed material.

What format should I use?

The two preferred formats to upload are either .FLV or .AVI but you are not restricted to those formats, you could also upload WMV if you wished.
The Com_Central video section will only be using the .FLV format due to the small file size but don't worry, we can help you convert to .FLV or we can do it for you.

What size should I make my video?

Difficult to say, the bigger the video, the bigger the file size.
What I would suggest, make your video big enough to convey your message.
If your video contains screen captures then they must be big enough for people to read.
The video ideally should be about 10 minutes in length, this has been shown to be the best length to keep peoples interested, if you need more time than 10 minutes then split your video up into separate parts, this will allow the person watching the video can do so in 'bite-sized' chunks.

How do I upload it to Com-Central?

Couldn't be simpler, the menu bar at Com-Central contains the Video section link.
Once in the Video section, use the Submit Link to transfer your video.
Another Option is to upload your file to THIS PAGE.
To link to a YouTube video: Select YOUTUBE from the Type drop down box. Next find the "Link/ID" box. If the URL to the YouTube movie is: The Link/ID is: xyz123
Please note, all submissions will require admin intervention to link the new video in to the relevant area of Com-Central videos so this means that your video will not be available immediately.

Who will watch my video?

If you upload it to Com-Central then the membership will have access to it.
If your video is hosted on another such as YouTube and a link is made to Com-Central movie section then an unlimited number of people will have access to it.

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