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Case Blue
 An add-on for IL2

As we begin this review, let's take a look at who released this file and how this review is laid out. Case Blue is an add-on for the popular Maddox game IL2 Sturmovik, which by itself has raised the bar for Combat Flight Sims. Case Blue is an add-on released by Matrix Games with the intention of adding more maps, skins, campaigns and missions. Matrix games description is as follows and we'll take an in depth look at their claims.

"Quote:" Case Blue™ is an add-on for IL-2 Sturmovik that is unique in its variety and depth! You will see IL2-Forgotten Battles in a completely new light. Over 1000 different missions offer almost infinite replayability and bring the World War II era to life with dogfights, escort-missions, bombing runs and more! "End Quote"

As we lay out the criteria, computer used and navigational map, we'll provide a movie at the end of this review, so let's get started...

Criteria: First of all, we wanted to examine the file size, then the install process and finally the ease of installation. File size is 186mb and is a self installing file. While Matrix does the install a bit different than we're use to, the install went fine with no hitches. Matrix uses a two step process first installing to an 'install directory', then to the game folder.

The Test Computer: Our test computer consisted of a Pentium 4 3.0 processor with 1 gig of PC3200 ram and a 256 mb Video card running a Nvidea chipset.

Review layout: Install process, game screen shots, single and multi-player, then our final comments or recommendations and we'll toss in a movie at the end for you to download..

Let's get started with the install. This first screen is the first step in the process...


The second install screen. Notice the first install is installing to a specific install folder. This process is extracting the files and putting them into a separate folder. Once this process is done, you can install the game to your game folder.

Once all files are extracted, the install process begins. Notice the 1.22 patch included with the install? Nice feature if you don't have this patch downloaded or installed prior to this add-on. This version will work with IL2/ Forgotten Battles (FB) or/and including the Aces Expansion Pack (AEP).  Our personal preference is to set our own profiles to suit our particular flying styles, so we didn't experiment with the Force Feedback Joystick profile, that may be something for you to explore if you wish.

As we move along into the screen shots, we'll take a look at the opening screens...

As you can see, Matrix has added a lot of  new missions to the game. This is the "USSR Single Player" mission maps, and there are 12 new historical skins added!

Here is the complete list from Matrix:
  • German Campaign: 350 Missions
  • Russian Campaign: 200 Missions
  • Dogfight Maps Online/LAN for up to 32 players: 39 Maps
  • Online Coop Missions for 2x8 players max: 439 Missions
  • Online Missions from the campaigns:
    • German Side = 350
    • Russian Side = 200
  • Single Player Missions from the campaigns:
    • German Side = 354 (Plus 4 Bonus Missions: Normandy 1944!)
    • Russian Side = 200
  • Together with the dogfight maps 1,031 different missions are available in total.

Not all games are fighter or attack games as shown below. This map for example is simply take your squadron to another base for maintenance.

But if it's action you want..(or crave), there is lots of it in the form of Campaigns and offline Single player! You could play this game offline for quite a while with all the maps and campaigns offered in this package!

While the offline games are fun and certainly action packed and offer the pilot lots of choices, online gaming is the choice of many including the members of!
  Online gaming with this add-on is quite nice and performs as expected with no additional 'hits' on frame rates. We were concerned about joining online games with these add-on's installed compared to others that didn't have it installed. To our delight, joining others online was no problem and provided additional maps and campaigns for our online experience. The campaigns are completely multi-player capable and can be flown online along with any mp single maps you so choose. AI is no slouch either! We don't know how Matrix did it, but the AI fly in pairs, have wingmen and are very deadly! Many a times they 'hunted' us down as we tried to escape!

                                       Arriving at Target                                                                    2 AI 109's on the hunt!

Our Summary: This add-on will provide hours and hours of enjoyment either off or online. With the addition of so many new campaigns and missions, it would take you quite a while to do everything this game has to offer. If you want to enhance your game, this is worth the time to get! We were amazed at the amount of add-ons and glitch free gaming this adds and add the fact you can go online in multi-player and use the campaigns and it becomes a "no brainer"!

To get the game: Matrix Games offers a great new approach to getting this game. You have 3 choices with the first one being "Download the game via the Net." and the second being a physical CD shipment with the 3rd being a choice of both the Net download and physical CD. Keep in mind downloading it off the net is cheaper, but the choice is yours. Visit Matrix Games for more info and good flying.


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