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Taking the offense


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    How should you look at offense? 

    Like a madman! To be good at this game you need to be focused and confident. I always go into a game thinking, I'm going to get a piece of everyone and watch them fall out of the sky.

    When you get a shot , you have to land rounds on your target, it might be the only one chance you get! Timing is another key, I'll look at someone coming in using padlock view and just by looking at how far they are from me, I know that if I do one more sweep around I'll have a good chance for a split second shot on them. It takes practice in order to get it right, and you better not miss, because chances are they won't!

    To me, speed is the key in a team game while slowing down is the key in a 1v1 game. I mix fuel, full prop it and trim the plane, turning in a slight downward slide to keep speed up. I try not to turn hard, I'll use trim and turn left or right. Another thing about trim is,  you won't loose speed as much as using flaps.

    I always try to get a few rounds in a target and keep going straight to the next shooting them and turning back to get the first target. If he's too far out in front, I'll  pass him and get the target behind him if possible. That way I use the distance between the two to dive slightly and gain speed.

    I'll loop if I'm over 250 mph its faster and safer.

   When I get behind someone I will wound them and move on, a lot of guys stay on his six too long and worry about the kill, and that will get you killed! Moving from player to  player shooting until you come back to the first guy you wounded if he's not already down and finish him off.

   What is a Kill shot?

A kill shot is putting enough rounds into a plane that will make it explode or fall apart. One example would be if your opponents plane is stalling due to lack of e energy or "E"  in a loop. Another one would be if you have a lot more speed than your opponent does in a turning fight, and you can easily shoot him pulling back on the stick to get  inside his radius again for another shot. A kill shot is a definite death within 3 seconds of being behind someone.

Keys to Offense

1. Hit and move until you have a kill shot.

2. Never turn unless all the targets are behind you, and if you have to turn make a wide turn at a slight angle downward to keep speed.

3. If wounded don't give up, make them shoot you down and earn the kill!.

4. Always go in a wide turn at the bottom of the fur ball because your running low on speed, pick the wounded ones off.

5. Use your hat switch or padlock to acquire targets before you get to them., then switch back to gun sight

6. Pick the fresh guys off as they come in high into the fur ball.

7.Cover your teammates, when your going from target to target, stay longer on the ones behind your team mates, just not too long.


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