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Communication is a vital key in winning! 

The way communication works the best in a squadron is by using it to give a step by step report of what's happening. Using TeamSpeak is what most squadrons use to talk back in forth in a game.

Only report activity such as

  • 1. When you hit someone.

  • 2. Who's fresh ( not hit yet)

  • 3. Who's coming in fresh.

  • 4. Who's going in the dirt.

  • 5. When your going to hold it up to bait a pilot to shoot you.

  • 6. When to hold the planes up until the last kill is going down.

  • 7. To pick up someone on your six (or need help).

  • 8. Who to focus on for the last kill of the game



Giving a step by step play and everyone knowing what's going or what needs to get done, builds intensity and concentration through adrenaline... 

There should be no unnecessary talk in the game!




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