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 To teach teamwork in this or any other game is hard. So what is team work?  Team work it is a combo of communication and individual players flying style helping each other to survive! If you teach everyone in your team or squadron to fly the same way, then the teamwork forms all by itself.

Some important tips to a good team game...

1.  Be aggressive, take the offensive!

2.Turn only when you have to. 

3. Hit everyone and come back for the wounded.

4. Always pick up the new guys coming into a fur ball with a new plane.

5. Communication is a big key to winning.

6. Hold your plane up as long as possible. Or don't ditch it just because your wounded.

7. If out of ammo don't eject, shield your teammates, fly between his attacker and him,  and take his rounds! Remember, your going down anyway!

8. If a teammate calls for help it takes priority over everything.

9. Avoid all collisions if possible, could give the other team the winning kill, or make your squadron look bad.

10. Eject just before hitting the ground to avoid late or "lag" hits.

11.Never pull up in a team game, fly horizontal loops!

    Here is a typical example:

     I get shot down, re-spawn and come back into the fight. As soon as I see targets on my radar, I look for the closest one and what he's doing.  There is a pilot coming at me and behind him is the fur ball of pilots...

    So I turn for a head on with the closest one, put some 'rounds' in him and instead of turning back to finish him off, I head toward the fur ball. As I do I see a teammate with a target on his six and by watching my teammate I know what the target chasing him will do. Remember, what ever my teammate does his attacker will follow and I'll use that to line up my shot.

    I line him up to take him out as I pass, and as I do, I quickly look for a parting direction or a second target. On the fly by I will take out the threat to my teammate and turn looking for the second target using my hat switch or padlock.

    Remember, your going to loose your speed or "E", "E" stands for Energy. But before I loose my speed I'll turn in one direction, using my hat switch in the up position locating all the planes who have been wounded, lost their speed and are at  ground level. Using my speed and hat switch I line up each shot and switch to the gun site and finish him off! I will pick each one off as I go around until all the targets are down all the while checking to watch for anyone coming in fresh. If I see someone and I'm not lined up for a kill shot, I'll line up for a head to head shot on targets coming back in.

    If I'm wounded I will then turn in one direction only with no cutting back and forth. If I'm going to get shot up soon, I'll fly level. Why level? Because I'm harder to hit and I'll give a yell to my teammates for free kills! As the guy is trying to shoot me down, my teammates take him out.

What is your job as a teammate in a team game?

 1. Take out the nearest guy on a fly by, after you shoot him, track another target and don't turn to get him unless you have to.

2. Hit everyone on the other team if they are close to you, just wound them unless you have a kill shot.

3. Protect your wingman when needed.

4. Give a brief shout on your comms when you hit someone or notice when someone's not hit.

5.  This is MOST important! Don't worry about kills just wound everyone!

6. Pick up the fresh guys coming back in when you can.

7. Hold your plane up as long as possible using trim when damaged.

8. If out of bullets sacrifice your self, shield your teammates!

9. If damaged bad, try to bring it around on a new guy coming back into the fur ball. Take the hits for your team mates. Your hit and going down anyway, might as well make it harder for the other team and let them waste their ammo!

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