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Saitek X52 Joystick

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As with any 'H.O.T.A.S.' system, it comes in two parts, the throttle quadrant and the joystick. First impressions of the units after unpacking them…Nice…Both units are quite large, heavy and very stable. No more lifting the joystick off the table trying to get that little bit more of a turn out of your plane.

Looking at the top of the joystick, notice the 2 hat switches and rotating 'pinkie' control?


The finish of the product is very high overall, and from a personal point, I think the 'precision slider knob' on the throttle could have been designed a little better and also the centre 'Fire button' is a little bit too much towards the younger market with it's flip up protector.

The X52 is a USB device, the USB cable comes from the throttle quadrant and the joystick plugs into the throttle quadrant using an eight pin mini din similar to a ps2 mouse/keyboard plug. There is plenty of cable on each unit to allow a very spacious layout when positioning the controls.

The Saitek drivers are easily installed from the CD which comes with it and XP recognised the unit straight away, the calibration of this stick is done in the usual way from game controllers in the control panel, you just have to remember to calibrate the various sliders and rotary controls on the throttle quadrant as well as your normal X/Y/Z axis on the joystick.

On the throttle base is the Multi Function Display


Main features are:

X/Y/Z axis
Two stage trigger
Two hat switches
Four buttons
One 'pinkie' switch
Three rocker type switches
One three way mode switch (SST programmable)
A twist lock lever
Power indicator Led

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