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Installing Planes and Textures in FS2004

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FS9-Installing Planes and Repaints

Installing Aircraft/Repaints in FS2004

This tutorial should help clear up some confusion on installing add-on aircraft and/or repaints for the FS2004 game. FS2002 and older games use a very similar process to this tutorial and should be easy to adapt the process. We're going to assume that you already know how to download a file.

Once you've downloaded the file(s) from a site, there are some steps involved to make them 'visible' in your game and it's our hope at Com Central to show a step by step process to installing and seeing the new plane in your game.

TIP: Make sure you have a good Anti-Virus program installed BEFORE you download files from any site. Some Free programs exist such as AVG and AVAST.

Step 1-Getting the file: Get the file and save it. Some site such as Com Central offer downloads that are "EZ" installs. While this is the easiest way to get a file installed, it's not the only way. Some sites offer downloads as 'files' and you have to 'build your own' plane or add them to an existing plane. Most files come in Zip format and if you're using an Operating System older than Windows XP, you'll need an add-on utility to open the files. Common utility's are Winzip (Pay for), 7Zip ( Free) or WinRAR (Pay for). 7Zip is available HERE.

TIP: A recommendation would be to download the file to a folder that makes sense to you. My personal preference is to download to a folder named 'FS2004 Files' I have on my desktop. This makes finding the files easy as all the new files are in the same place. Pay attention to the file name as you download them. Some people use odd file names such as '' as an example.

TIP: Once you get the file, right click and rename the file to something that makes sense to you. EXAMPLE: A file called '' can be renamed to ' making the file much easier to recognize in the future.

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