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12+ years of IMS
A public forum for the IMS Squad!
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:53 pm
Post subject: 12+ years of IMS

After 12+ years the decision has been made to finally take down the Iron Mule's website. Lot's of laughs and great fun along the way... especially back in the day of flying and kicking some serious ass with the Iron Mules.

Moller Monday, 6/24/13, 9:53 AM

Hey All. Jose, its good to do a walk down memory lane. I know this summer I will have to install one of the Microsoft or UBsoft as my nephew is coming and will be taking all of my flight sims with him as he is now into it. Just might have a new Moller family relative terror out there on the net. I will be closing the website this summer as we are moving the main hosting to another company and I won't rebuild this site again. Its been a blast to fly with you all and hope all is going well with all as well. ~S~ Moller

From: San Diego

In order to try and always keep their memories alive I am posting a copy of the two entries from our Fallen Friends section in memory of two former gamers that meant a lot to the Iron Mules:

IMS_VanWatt Wednesday, 3/27/02, 8:46 PM

~S~ Sad news; It was told to me today that M8s_Maurious formerly IMS_Jackal was killed in an apartment fire yesterday morning while rescuing 3 small children. It is reported that after his mate escaped with two of the children he passed the 3rd child through a window too small for himself to escape through and was trapped within the structure. Maurious was one of the first ppl I met on the zone and one of my greatest friends. Its hard to imagine him not popping up on msn to show me his new pages and accomplishments. Or just to joke around and talk about the news. I am completely stunned. This man is a hero. I would like to dedicate the upcoming match in the final round of the WEC to his memory. If (God willing) we are victorious I would like to deidicate the trophy as well. I would like the webmaster to construct a memorial page including such dedications both there and (if victorious)in our trophy case. This man is a hero. He should be remembered as such. He is IMS.

He was a firefighter in Brisbane Queensland Australia and also know as AH_Maurious

~S~ to all.

In memory of OR_GDS

This is a moving letter from Vera's husband Walt to I believe Vera's friend Kelly (OR_LAce). I thought it would be best just to have his words here:

This is a very difficult letter for me. On July 17th, 2002 Vera, my wife, left us all. In taking care of the many things that had to be taken care of, I remembered the many hours she spent as enjoyment with her friends in computer as she would say and thought she would want that I say good-bye for her or at least inform you all of our lose. Vera was the greatest of persons. Her and our life together was always filled with love and tenderness. She was the greatest of friends to both Megan and Maggie and cared for them both as if she was their natural mother.

A reckless driver stole her life from us while she and the children were walking the family pet. I can t even begin to describe the anger I feel from the lost and the senselessness of it all. She protected the children and in fact I believe saved them both. They are not OK as we all are not OK but their life is young and after time they will remember the love we shared and not the experience of the lost.

Vera was flown home to the Ukraine where her life was started and where she had many friends and her mother. She had a great love of the Black Sea and her hometown. It was only the love we shared that brought her to the states and in my mind I thought she would rest easier at home.

She always spoke of the fun she had flying and she did speak a lot about it. She also spoke about the friends in computer and how nice everyone was to her. I only remember a few names, Under, Ripka, Dave, Tim, Ghost, Kelly and I m sure many more. I just wanted to let you know that you all meant a lot to her.

I m not sure how to end this letter and maybe it serves more to help me think through it all than anything else so thank you all for your time and for your friendship with my wife.


God's speed IMS
S~ IMS_Combat

Home of the Fast and Furious Iron Mule Squadron!
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:03 pm
Post subject: Re: 12+ years of IMS

~S~ Combat and all the IMS guys.

We didn't meet in the skies often, but IMS was always a reliably honorable group to meet online. Fun, too. A decade (or more) doesn't pass without some tragedies of some sort, and your members seem to have suffered more than a fair share.

All the best...


"All facts go to clearly prove that Shades is a thrice-cursed traitor & mentally deranged person steeped in inveterate enmity toward mankind"
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