Sunday November 12th Flight
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#1: Sunday November 12th Flight Author: SnorreLocation: Ziegenhain, Germany PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:46 am
For this Sunday we move over to the UK, to Scotland to be exact.

We start in the north of the Shetlands, at Scatsta (EGPM) and work our way south to Edinburgh. On our way we pass over Loch Ness, keep searching for Nessie, she's there....

The flight has a lenght of about 380 NM and we should land at least at Sumburgh and Inverness, so cruising along with about 200 KIAS is adivisable.

Real wx might be a challenge, we'll see... Shocked

I'll take the Real Air Turbine Duke or the Real Air Lancair, but the choice is yours.

You get the most out of this scenery if you have ORBX Scotland installed, but Global looks ok as well.

Sumburgh is an ORBX payware, nice but not required.

We meet 1900 hrs UTC on Bushy's TS server and on DTP's FSJoin. Latest working version is 1.2.10.

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