Community Review CCnet Virtual Pilot Assistant V1.0b

CCnet A Com-Central Developement Team Addon for FS2004

There are a lot of FS2004 Knee Board programs out there, but none that fully meet the needs of the regular FS9 pilots at the Development Team set out to make our own "Pilot Assistant" customized and flexible enough to use in our many community flights....thus the advent of CCnet

This is a short review of CCnet as it is still under development, with many new features still to be added. We at Com-Central are looking forward to the release of this FS2004 addon created for our community.

The interactive interface is laid out in 4 major categories as shown below -Sunday FS9 Flights-FS2004 Flight Aids-Apps-Air Navigation Help...


The first category "Sunday FS9 Flights" has 3 selectable options, Flight Map-Flight Plan and Flight Cam. Every week the current map and flight plan may be viewed from this location and used to set up your flight or to check VOR's, headings, runway information and ILS frequencies etc. Soon to be added is an in flight camera for viewing take off and landing from the departure and arrival we continue to develop CCnet, more features will be added to this.

BBelow is the weekly CC FS9 flight Map which may be scrolled with your mouse to view the entire map.

Below is the weekly CC FS9 Flight Plan showing all the navigational information for reaching our destination.

The 2nd category "FS2004 Flight Aids" includes many features and access to all types of navigational information.


The following are some of the features from the FS2004 Flight Aids selections


Airport Information..just enter the ICAO code for any airport in the world.


Airport Charts.. Enter the ICAO for any airport in the world and view the runway and taxiway charts.


Sattelite Real Time Weather Maps.. CLick on a world ICAO region and view live up to the minute sattelite weather maps.


FS Moving Map by Rana Hossain...for those of you that have this great program installed, there is included in CCnet a direct interface to this program to view inflight moving maps, including AI traffic.


The 3rd category in the interactive menu is "Apps".. these are a collection of various applications that are readily available while in FS9 and eliminate the need to go outside of FS9 to use apps are currently being developed for performace tuning FS9 etc.

ScreenShot Viewer....view your screenshots while flying, you can browse to any folder on your computer and select any picture file to view, the picture "view" size is also adjustable within the CCnet Screenshot Viewer window.


World Time..view the time anywhere in the world, this is especially helpful for converting your local time to GMT which we use to schedule all the CC events.

CCnet Tunes any music file while you fly, just browse to your tunes folder on your a tune and click play.

662 BBC Radio....Our good friends at RAF662 turned us on to this online music station they run. Last year when we did the 12 hour Doolittle Raiders re-enactment flight they kindly provided a whole folder full of era music and radio shows for us to listen to during the long flight. I have had numerous requests to include this great here it is.


CCnet Notepad...This is one of my favorite features of CCnet...instead of writing nav info on paper I use this to type in the VOR's..Radio frequencies..and any other info I want to remember for a particular flight, even if you shut down the Kneepad the information is saved and can be viewed any time.

CCnet Calculator...another handy tool for just about anything from calculating fuel consumption to calculating how much beer money my squad mates owe me.


Well..that's about it for now, we are still working on this and hope to do a beta testing in the near future and release CCnet shortly after that.


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