getting home before dark
getting home before dark
_POTD_SUBON12-04-2010 03:14

siskens - 23-04-2010 03:37  
Great Shot ! It seems we're all smitten by the Golden Sunset or is it like the Lone Rider slowly heading West after a day of hard work......?
401RCAF_Hammer - 23-04-2010 07:08  
-S- Very, very nice...!!!
JG300-Ascout - 23-04-2010 08:08  
"Hard work"? Nahhhh.....we're all just smitten by the golden sunset (which, co-incidentally, is when the bar opens). Wink
Uhu_Fledermaus - 25-04-2010 03:48  
just following the beer trail Razz