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FS2004 X-Gyro3 "EZ" file
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_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY Shadow_Bshwackr
Kevin Bryan
Version 4-06
File Size 15.1MB
Thu Apr 20, 2006 5:18 pm

FS2002/FS9 Unreal Aviation "Bushman". Vintage style autogiro with twin contra-rotating intermeshing rotors. Comes with many repaints and in Com Central's "EZ" install format!

Based upon the work of Anton Flettner whose similar aircraft in the 1930's led the way to the world's first practical helicopter. This contra-rotating rotor system neatly eliminates all problems associated with the advancing blades causing dissymmetry of lift whilst keeping the overall dimensions small.

The rigid rotors will also take rather more abuse than the conventional two blade teetering systems on most gyroplanes. The side-by-side layout is much more efficient than a coaxial arrangement would be. The downside to the splayed masts is blades at chest height in relation to spectators so keep clear of them!

Nominally, a single-seat design, it will actually carry two if the second occupant is not too large. My niece, for example, who wanted to call the aircraft "Daddy long legs", bless her.

This 1990's 'doodle', so far has remained just that and the design work has been superficial at best due to poverty and so is unlikely to see the light of day. However, in FS all things are possible...