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IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles-Ace Expansion Pack Official Game Patch v2.01

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Version 2.0 to 2.04 Final Version:

IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles Gold Pack Patching Guide
Version 2.0 to 2.04 Final Version:

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Version 2.01


The current version (2.01) is not compatible with the previous versions of the game when playing via network. Both the server and client must have appropriate versions of the game (2.01) in order to connect.
  • Changes and Additions
    • 1. New flyable: I-185 M-71.
    • 2. New flyable: I-185 M-82A.
    • 3. New flyable: Yak-3P.
    • 4. New flyable: Yak-9B.
    • 5. New flyable: Yak-7A.
    • 6. New flyable: Yak-9M.
    • 7. New flyable: Yak-9UT.
    • 8. New flyable: LaGG-3 (series 29).
    • 9. New flyable: LaGG-3 (series 35).
    • 10. New flyable: Spitfire Mk. IXc.
    • 11. New flyable: Spitfire Mk. IXc (CW).
    • 12. New flyable: Spitfire Mk. IXe.
    • 13. New flyable: Spitfire Mk. IXe (CW).
    • 14. New flyable: Spitfire Mk. IXe (HF).
    • 15. New flyable: Fokke-Wulf FW 190 A-6.
    • 16. New aircraft: B-25C.
    • 17. New aircraft: B-25G.
    • 18. New aircraft: B-25H.
    • 19. New aircraft: B-25J.
    • 20. New flyable: I.A.R. 81a (corrected loadouts for IAR series as well).
    • 21. Made “Event.log” logfile writing available in dogfight missions.
    • 22. In regard with the previous, the following lines were added to the event log:
      • (user) has connected
      • (user) entered refly menu
      • (user) in flight at … …
    • 23. Implemented DeviceLink - a new external device interface. Consult devicelink.txt for the details.
    • 24. Increased the angle you can turn the cockpit camera in the rear hemisphere.

  • Changes and Fixes
    • 1. Removed occlusion from the P-38 mirror.
    • 2. Fixed missing attachment points for bombs on CR 42.
    • 3. Fixed glitches in the P-51’s K-14 gyro sight.
    • 4. Removed excess ammo in A6M2 cannons.
    • 5. Fixed missing formation lights on Ta-152.
    • 6. Modified the BK 3,7 attachment on the Bf-110G-2 so one can use the ReVi sight to aim it correctly.
    • 7. Fixed incorrect gear flap movement in Hawk 45s.
    • 8. Fixed a error with rudder pedals in Go-229.
    • 9. Reworked flight models of the following aircraft: LaGG-3IT, LaGG-3 of 1943, P-38s, P-40e, A6M2, A6M5, Bf-110G-2.
    • 10. Tuned and adjusted he damage modelling for the: I-16, I-153, LaGG-3s, Yak series, Il-2, Pe-2, DB-3/Il-4, TB-3, FW-190 series, Bf-110 series.
    • 11. New prop control mechanism for the I.A.R. 80/81.
    • 12. New radiator control for I.A.R. 80/81, FW-190, Yak-3 and Yak-9U.
    • 13. Improved collision algorythm for large and stretched objects (such as battlecruisers).
    • 14. Fixed an error that could make the engine uncontrollable at the moment the autopilot is switched off (rare).
    • 15. Disabling skin download on server side now also prohibits the transfer of pilot skins and squad emblems.
    • 16. The amount of fuel loaded in the Mistel combo now transfers correctly in the co-op mode.
    • 17. Fixed an error causing a human-controlled read gunner to run out of ammunition before time.
    • 18. Fixed an error that made planes explode at the beginning of a co-op mission.
    • 19. Player’s skin now is showing correctly in the ntrk-records taken while in dogfight mode.
    • 20. Records taken by a human gunner after the host aircraft was destroyed can now be replayed.

  • Changes in Stock Single Missions
    • DE/Me-163B-1
      Changed the order of the intercept group: Me-163s take off off two various airfields and act independently.
    • HU/Fiat CR.42
      Added bomb load to the attacking craft.
    • RU/Spitfire Mk.Vb
      Added extra stationary aircraft to the airdromes in both missions.
    • US/P-51B
      Spitfires Mk.Vb of the covering group were replaced with the Spitfire L.F. Mk.IXc (CW); also adjusted the german interceptors take-off schedule.

  • Additional Information about the I-185
    We’re including these two aircraft as a token of gratitude to V. Loginov - the founder of the resource that was very supportive throughout the year of creation of the Il-2; and with esteem to his grandfather, who had the honour of test-flying these two.

    • I-185 M-82, 1941
      • Type: multi-role fighter.
        • Weight:
          Take-0ff: 3,735 kg
          Full loaded: 3,825 kg
        • Length: 8.1 m
          Wingspan: 9.8 m
          Wing area: 15.53 sq. m
        • Engine: 1 x M-82
          Take-off: 1,600 HP
          Indicated: 1,390 HP
        • Top speed:
          Ground Level: 549 km/h
          At 6,170 m: 615 km/h
        • Time to climb to 5,000 m: 6 min
        • Ceiling: 10,450 m
        • Range: 1,380 km
        • Armament:
          3x20mm ShVAK cannons
          500 kg of bombs
      • I-185 with the M-82 engine was intended to be the I-185 with increased armament. Instead of two large-caliber and two small-caliber machine guns the I-185 M-82 was equipped with three 20mm ShVAKs. In addition to that the plane also had a redesigned canopy, gear struts and fuselage. Altogether two prototypes were built; the first flew on July 21st 1941. Both I-185 M-82s participated in front-line trials between December of 1942 and January 1943.
        • Advantages:
          Excellent speed characteristics
          Ease of control
          Powerful armament
        • Disadvantages:
          Slower climb rate than I-185 M-71.

    • I-185 M-71 (production standard), 1942
      • Type: multi-role fighter.
        • Weight:
          Take-0ff: 3,735 kg
          Full loaded: 3,825 kg
        • Length: 8.05 m
          Wingspan: 9.8 m
          Wing area: 15.53 sq. m
        • Engine: 1 x M-71
          Take-off: 2,000 HP
          Indicated: 1,625 HP
        • Top speed:
          Ground Level: 600 km/h
          At 6,170 m: 680 km/h
        • Time to climb to 5,000 m: 4.7 min
        • Ceiling: 10,000 m
        • Range: 835 km
        • Armament:
          3x20mm ShVAK cannons
          500 kg of bombs
      • The I-185 prototype equipped with the M-71 engine which first flew on June 10, 1942 was designated a “production standard”, i.e. a prototype which was to be used as a standard for future production. Compared to other prototypes of the series many defects were resolved and the overall aerodynamics improved. The I-185 M-71 production standard was built from the blueprints intended for serial production.

        The I-185 M-71 production standard, in addition to the I-185 M-71 #6204 and two I-185 M-82 went through front line combat testing between December of 1942 and January of 1943. Speed and climb rate of this prototype were vastly superior to all contemporary Soviet fighters. However due to political reason and lobbying from Polikarpov’s enemies the project never entered production and was cancelled.
        • Advantages:
          Excellent speed characteristics
          Excellent climb rate
          Ease of control
          Powerful armament
        • Disadvantages:
          Uncomfortable throttle lever