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#1: T8 105mm Author: whelm PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2015 10:10 pm
Next week I will be ordering a number of files from the national archives on the towed AT gun T8 105mm.

There's always a chance It's some experimental howitzer, but regardless the information should prove interesting. So little seems to be published on this piece.

Hopefully it's the T8 105mm, the archives don't have the most descriptive titles and more often then not even a blurb on content. quite a bit of info on it will apply to the tank T5E1/2 guns as well.

Box K1927: Gun, 105mm (T8) THRU Howitzer, 105mm (T10)

Gun, 105mm (T8), OCTM items & shipping orders
36 pages

Gun, 105mm (T8), Correspondence
170 pages

Gun, 105mm (T8), Rpt-MTV, MR # 108, and APG Report.
56 pages

#2: Re: T8 105mm Author: whelm PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 7:14 am
Papers finally came.

Large majority of it is memos sent back and forth talking about the breech being destroyed.

Someone had mislabeled 155mm powder as 105mm powder in testing and they loaded 17lbs of it worth into the cartridge of a T30 round, It blew it apart.

There are some little nice details otherwise which I scanned and uploaded below.

T8 105mm AT gun.


T8 105mm makeup, weights and some dimension drawings.


T8 105mm Breech failure after accidental loading of 155mm powder.


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