Show Panzerfest (Nov 4) Livonia MI: Guest Spkr 2 PzDiv vet
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2006 Panzerfest Show Information
Theme: "Battle of the Bulge"
Date: Saturday, November 4, 2006
Time: 9am-4pm
Location: Knights of Columbus Hall, 19801 Farmington Road, Livonia, MI, 48152

Seminars, Raffles, great Vendors, great Models and great Camaraderie.

If you're in Southern Ontario or in the upper Midwest USA, then consider joining us for one of the larger armor-only contests and shows in the region. Hosted by the MICHIGAN MILITARY MODELLING SOCIETY, this is the fifth year of this successful and enjoyable show. Models are judged using the Open-style (think "AMPS") judging system where all models are judged to a set criteria and awarded accordingly and not in competition with other models entered.

For the show flyer, get the PDF file here:

For any questions, please email me offsite: roy.chow @

**********SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT****************

We have just booked a guest appearance by Mr. Wolfgang Kloth, a veteran of the German 2nd Panzer Division (Heer) and longtime Michigan resident. Herr Kloth served in Panzer IIIs and Panzer IVs and was captured in the Kurland Pocket battles, serving several years as a POW in Russia. Herr Kloth is a good friend to the 2nd Panzer Division Re-Enactment group (Indiana) and has generously agreed to visit our show, see what this "modelling thing" is all about (LOL), and have an informal Q & A Seminar about his wartime experiences.

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