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So There I Was.... (lotsa pics)
A forum for the Rise of Flight Enthusiasts
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:23 pm
Post subject: So There I Was.... (lotsa pics)

Note: While you're waiting for these pix to load (sorry) I'll explain that one of the cooler things about Rise Of Flight is the ability to record 'tracks' - which will be familiar for those coming from IL2 - which is essentially recording all the events and actions that take place during an online or even offline mission. Then using the playback function afterwards, you can review your flight later offline, take screenshots, change viewpoitns and even watch dogfights and strikes that took place many miles away form you and outside of visual range. Kind if like a mega-FS-REcorder feature with a built in playback feature. So if you turn the recording feature on while flying, you can later review some interesting sequences. Such as below.

So there I was,
patrolling along the inside of our front lines in my trusty Pfalz D.III on the Newwings multiplayer server on a nice fall day.

I spotted a couple of Albatross D.V's approaching from the East so I decided to join up with them and support their efforts, whatever that might be....

In short order we had crossed the front...

...and were sufficiently reminded that we were in Indian country...

The flight lead suddenly dove for the deck and without knowing why, I decided to look around before giving up precious altitude...the guy in the red albatross seemed a little uncertain as well...

Keeping your eyes open pays off as I spotted this Sopwith Pup with a white stripe above us...

He'd spotted us as well and I climbed and turned into him to defeat the attack...

...which revealed more company coming to join us, two Sopwith Triplanes inbound in the distance....

The Pup flier was not without skill and was slowly closing the circle, but I kept a very slight altitude advantage...

He broke off and went after the red Albie, who was about to be bounced by one of the Triplanes as well...

Seems the Triplane didn't expect the Albie pilot to turn into him so fast...

...which resulted in a collision, the Albie seeming to take the brunt of it....

...the Triplane didn't fare so well either and started shedding parts.

All I could see from my vantage point as a lot of falling debris and that Sopwith Pup still looking to cause trouble...

...turning in on him again, I was dismayed to see my buddy in the red Albatross come spinning down minus a wing or two...

...no time to dwell on it though, as the Pup came around a little too hard and put himself into a spin!

I was tempted to follow him down but not being sure what other company might be around us i didn't want to sacrifice my altitude just yet...and sure enough, there was the other triplane below.

Meawhile, the other Albatross pilot who had so quickly disappeared, had come back to observe the show from above...

...which was becoming more exciting with every turn, as a black SPAD decided to show up also, just to make things even more interesting...

...so we have a SPAD, a Sopwith Pup, and a Triplane to deal with....well, variety is the spice of life, so they say!

Taking advantage of the position on the Triplane first, the twin Spandau's of my Pfalz quickly made a mess of all that complicating bracing and fabric that Tripes are burdened with...

...so he started to shed parts and fold up nicely as he pulled tighter into the turn Mr. Green Twisted Evil

Next we have Black Bart in his SPAD to deal with, which is fast but not as nimble a knife-fighter as the Pfalz...

...although lining up the shot gave the Pup driver an opportunity to latch onto my tail...

...luckily the other Albatross pilot decided not to interfere with things....

...also luckily, the Pup pilot couldn't seem to line up his shots and had to break off before risking losing his prop on my tail feathers...

...and I was able to score hits on the cockpit area of the SPAD, evidently wounding the pilot,

...judging by his immediate impact with terra firma:

Which I was certainly gratified to see from my own unbullet-ridden cockpit:

Leaving just that damnable Sopwith Pup with the white stripe to still deal with!

After an ineffectual burst of fire head-on, we came around on each other again...

...reversed, and around again...

...and again...

...and again...

...and again, he may have been out of ammo as he appeared to have the lead on me at least once!

...reversing one last time, I was sure he'd break off this time!


SMACK! A bit too close, it turns out!!!

But let the record show, that he hit the ground first!

...and with a sickening crunching thud, my beautiful Pfalz comes to a similar and sad end!

It's been a long time since I had a good knife-fight like that....this old swine's still got what it takes to finish up on top of the leader board at the end of the game though!


"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:14 pm
Post subject: Re: So There I Was.... (lotsa pics)

You almost pulled it off.


Cheers Smile

Planes of Fame Air Museum | March Field Air Museum | Palm Springs Air Museum
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