Stand By for the helping hand.
Stand By for the helping hand.
_POTD_SUBON23-01-2010 05:03

JG300-Ascout - 11-02-2010 09:03  
Very nice!

Did you shoot all those rivets yourself?

What sim, bird, location?

siskens - 11-02-2010 13:08  
No....the rivets came with the plane; Mr. Green just imagine....
It's the Alphasim HU16 Albatross in the livery of the " Bundesmarine: and I spotted her " somewhere along the Norwegian coast" .
siskens - 11-02-2010 13:09  
and..all in FSX-Sp1........
HF_SlowHand - 11-02-2010 19:18  
ahhhh, you really should turn turn engines over, it aint a parking ramp you know!