Mr. Flyboy shows his (F-#%!&*)  trics........
Mr. Flyboy shows his (F-#%!&*) trics........
_POTD_SUBON09-11-2012 07:57

JG300-Stoopy - 21-12-2012 05:11  
That Caravan should be thankful for the fighter escort!

JG300-Ascout - 21-12-2012 10:42  
Mr. GA pilot needs to call somebody's wing commander with a stern complaint.

He may also want to check his charts to see if there's an uncharted wrinkle in the space-time continuum. Next thing you know, we'll have an incident involving F-14's encountering some some A6M's after a bad storm near Nimitz. Laughing
JG300-1Bullet - 21-12-2012 10:53  
Tanklord - 21-12-2012 10:55  
Where's his Buzz numbers? Mr. Green
piney - 21-12-2012 16:41  
sven_c - 21-12-2012 17:08  
Hmm... I hope I hear about some German Eurofighter Typhoons mixing it up with Hawker Typhoons.